The Referral Accelerator Hub: The #1 Home For Service Providers To Get More Sales Through Referrals

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Getting More Referrals & New Clients Starts Right Here...

Are you a business that provides a service?

Are you ready to grow and create more sales? Without having to spend thousands of dollars on paid ads that might or might not work.

It is time to stop throwing mud at the wall and build an actual referral marketing system that will get you a full pipeline of prospects, move prospects along into buyers and have a constant flow of sales calls booked in each week. It's time to start getting new clients!

The Referral Accelerator Hub is all about building out your Million Dollar Referral System and in particular the 9 key 'Referral Profit Accelerators' that ensure you can attract, enrol and retain.

Generating new business is easy when you have the right structure, system and processes in place. It means you can focus in on the right activities rather than throwing mud at the wall and hoping that it sticks.

Your Implementation Begins Here...

Let’s make it happen together. You’re on the verge of making big things happen for you and your business and it's time for action, not just more learning.

You’re about to enter a world where mindset matters a whole lot less than your SYSTEMS & PROCESSES.  

And over the next 12 months, you will IMPLEMENT The Million Dollar Referral System and create a proven marketing system that will ensure you sign up a minimum 36 new clients into your business.

The Referral Accelerator Hub Focuses On 3 Key Things:

  • How to ATTRACT and fill your pipeline full of warm, qualified referrals every day.
  • How to ENROL new clients every single month by educating them, nurturing them and auditioning them.
  • How to RETAIN your clients and turn them into walking, talking, ranting, raving billboards for your business.

The Implementation Program Promise: You will sign up a minimum 36 new clients to your business in the next 12 months of working together or we will refund your money and continue to work with you for free until we do.

Ready To Get Started With The Implementation Program... Click Here To Begin

The Million Dollar Referral System Unfolded

There are 9 key projects that we will work on together while building your Million Dollar Referral System. There are 3 key projects around Attract, 3 key projects around Enrol and 3 key projects around Retain.

Attract Accelerator #1: First we are going to build you some referral sources, systemise your client referrals and find places to create joint venture gift partners.

Attract Accelerator #2: Here we are going to grow our networks with perfect people, activate those networks so that they open doors for us and promote us to their networks. This creates so many new opportunities for new clients.

Attract Accelerator #3: Finally we will build out the 'Partner Channel' and create great leverage through partnerships. This is the golden goose opportunity for every business and very few people know how to take advantage of what is sitting on the table.

Enrol Accelerator #1: First we need to educate our pipeline on why they need our solution. Until they know us, like us, trust us, they can't buy from us. This accelerator is all about becoming the solution master and showing them you understand their pain points.

Enrol Accelerator #2: Here we use some simple front of mind plans, personal engagement plans, social conversation plans, plus a few other simple to follow systems to warm those prospects up and move them closer to buying from you.

Enrol Accelerator #3: Finally we will systemise how we audition and qualify our prospects so that we get the people who are ready for a solution to raise their hands and beg to start working with you. This alone is a game changer in how you are positioned and how much time you will save.

Retain Accelerator #1: First we will create an onramp that blows your new clients away and has them so excited that they have finally found you. The first 30 days are key to turning them into a walking billboard.

Retain Accelerator #2: Next we will map out the client journey and look at the overall experience. When you get this right you will have your client constantly talking about you to others and creating new opportunities to refer you.

Retain Accelerator #3: Finally we will put in place what we call the magical moments that WOW your clients. No boring Christmas cards, gifts and things for their birthdays are not magical. Watch how we can use some simple ideas to create real walking, talking billboards ongoing.

But honestly there is so much more put into this program to ensure you are successful and absolutely thrive. Including

  • Getting your messaging really clear so you can explain what you are known for to stand out from the crowd
  • Creating a tool for your referral partners to share and help fill your pipeline
  • Building out your CRM system and automations
  • 15+ organic strategies to copy and paste to get new leads and convert them into sales

Here Is How It Works...

We Want You To Build This Million Dollar Referral System With Us As Quickly As Possible... But In Case Life Gets In The Way We Have You Covered And Give You Ample Time To Learn, Build, Tweak and Gain Maximum Benefit.

The Referral Accelerator Hub is a 12 month membership to ensure you get all the support you need to implement. You will have at your finger tips...

  • 15 key projects that builds out your Million Dollar Referral System and what to do to implement fast.
  • A secure members’ portal with all of our scripts, templates, execution guides.
  • Monthly live planning sessions to ensure you know what your exact activities are that you need to be working on.
  • Monthly live Q&A session to work on any of your roadblocks, that you would like some help with. All training sessions are recorded and you’ll have access to them even if you can’t make them live.
  • Monthly online training & hot seat sessions
  • Monthly Secret Society Event to practice and form new partnerships and partners from our own client base.
  • Every day, you’ll have access to get your questions answered in the Private Members Only Facebook group. 

This program is designed to RAPIDLY TRANSFORM your business and get you to IMPLEMENT the 'The Million Dollar Referral System' as soon as you possibly can, with all the support we can give you along the way. After all, nobody needs more INFORMATION. 


The Implementation Program Promise: You will sign up a minimum 36 new clients to your business in the next 12 months of working together or we will refund your money and continue to work with you for free until we do.

What Others Are Saying About Our Million Dollar Referral System

The Implementation Program Promise: You will sign up a minimum 36 new clients to your business in the next 12 months of working together or we will refund your money and continue to work with you for free until we do.